An Open Letter to Our Customers during COVID -19 Pandemic

To our dear Partners and Clients,

Travel is wonderful because it reminds us simultaneously of how big and small the world is, of how interconnected we all are to each other.

But today, we put our travel plans and dreams on hold. This is what the world - whose beauty, magic, and awe we have so enjoyed - needs from us now. This is what our brave frontliners need from us now, as we all cooperate to contain and fight this pandemic. Words cannot express how grateful we are for their dedication and service, bravely saving lives and keeping our communities afloat.

Let us stay home today, so that we may be reunited tomorrow. Until then, we pray that you keep safe and healthy, and find all your needs met. Let us all be a source of strength, hope and inspiration to one another. We will weather this storm together, and emerge a stronger, more united and more beautiful global community.

For now, continue to hope, imagine, dream - of the wondrous world beyond your four walls. Soon, we will take you there again